Remote identification: ZealiD

Have you already registered on the ZealiD app? Here we explain how to complete the identification process to issue your certificate.

To complete the process you will need your mobile phone and computer or tablet..

1. Go to contract signature page

From your computer or tablet access the following link: http://qr.eadtrust.eu/

You can also access from the email we sent you confirming the purchase of your certificate. 

You will be redirected to a website with a QR code.

EADTrust QR firma de contrato emision certificado

2. Open the ZealiD app and scan the QR code

Open the ZealiD application from your mobile phone. On the main screen you will see the option “SCAN QR CODE”. Click on the button and scan the QR code that you have opened on your computer. 

If too much time has passed since you opened the website, the QR code may have expired, don’t worry, just click on the “Refresh” option or, if you prefer, refresh the page.

EADTrust pantalla de inicio de la app ZealiD

3. Scan the second code

If you have successfully scanned the QR, a new one will open in the browser. You have to scan it again.

The EADTrust Certificate Issuance Service Terms and Conditions agreement will then appear on your phone screen. 

4. Read and sign the contract

Read the contract carefully. Your details will be listed along with the characteristics of the certificate. 

If there are any errors, please contact us immediately.

If everything is correct and you agree, click on the “SIGN AGREEMENT” button that will appear at the end of the document. 

If it has been signed correctly, a confirmation message will appear.

EADTrust pantalla de firma del contrato en ZealiD

5. That's it!

We have finished. You will receive your certificate in your email shortly. 

If after 30 minutes you have not received any email, please check your spam folder. If not, please contact us.

The certificate will be contained in a password-encrypted .zip file. For security reasons, the password for this file will be sent by SMS to the phone number you provided in your request. Please check as soon as possible that you can extract the certificate without any problems as at EADTrust we only keep the .zip passwords for a few hours for security reasons. 

Frequently asked questions

Don’t worry, just send us an email to autoridadregistro@eadtrust.eu with your application number and corrected data and we will contact you to finalise the process.

In the contract itself, in the field “Applicant and subscriber details”.

Send us an email to autoridadregistro@eadtrust.eu with your application number and we will contact you as soon as possible.

No, the password we send you by SMS is only used to unzip the .zip file. It is generated automatically by us.

The password for your certificate is created by you. It is the one you entered when you applied for the certificate. It is very important that you do not lose or forget them because they cannot be recovered. EADTrust does not store these passwords, so if you forget it we would have to revoke the certificate and reissue a new one.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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