How to install my certificate

Learn how to install your electronic certificate step by step.

1. Download the certificate

If you have already completed the application process for your certificate, you will receive an email with an encrypted file (.zip/.rar). Download it and open it by double clicking.

EADTrust descarga del archivo zip cifrado del correo electrónico
EADTrust extraer archivo comprimido

2. Unzip the certificate

When you double click on the certificate (the .p12 file), you will be presented with a screen where you must enter the password you received by SMS. If you have not received any SMS, please contact us immediately.

EADTrust descifrar el certificado con contraseña

3. Start with the import of the certificate

The certificate import wizard will open. You must select whether it is going to be at user or computer level. If the computer is going to be used by several different users, it is recommended to select the “Current user” option.

EADTrust asistente de importación

Next, click on the “Browse” button and select the certificate in the folder where it was downloaded. 

On the next screen, enter your private key password, the one you indicated when you made the request. 

It is recommended that you check the option “Enable secure private key protection…”. This way, when an application is going to use the private key, you will be warned.

It is also recommended to keep the option “Mark this key as exportable” unchecked. This way, once the key is imported into the container, nobody can export it.

EADTrust pantalla de Ruta de Importación
EADTrust Protección con contraseña

On the Certificate Store screen, click “Next” directly unless you want to store the certificate in a specific folder. 

This is the last step for the import. 

EADTrust selección del almacén de certificados
EADTrust Finalización del asistente

4. Importing the private key

A new window will then open for importing a new private key exchange.

By default, the certificate comes with a medium security level. If you want to change to the high level and be prompted for the password at each use, click on the “Security level” button and choose the “High” option.

EADTrust nivel de seguridad

On the next screen you will be asked to create a certificate password. You will be asked for it every time you use it. You can use the same one you gave in the application or create a new one. Then click “OK”. 

EADTrust crear contraseña

This step completes the installation of the certificate on your computer.

EADTrust importación finalizada

5. Installation of the certificate in browsers

5.1 Google Chrome, Internet Explorer y Edge

If the installation has been done correctly, these browsers automatically detect the certificate and you do not need to do anything else. 

You can access the certificate from the browser repository.

5.2 Firefox

Open the browser and go to “Options”. Then select “Privacy & Security” from the menu on the left and scroll down to “Certificates”. When you are there, click on “View certificates”. 

EADTrust Privacidad y seguridad Firefox

The Firefox Certificate Manager will open. Click on “Import” and search for your certificate. 

EADTrust importar certificado en Firefox

When you select it, the browser will ask you to enter the password for the private key.

The password of the private key can be different from the password of the certificate. The password of the private key is the one you entered in the application form. If you set a different password for the certificate when installing it (see section 4), be careful!

EADTrust introducir contraseña

This step completes the installation of the certificate in Firefox. If you have done it correctly, you will be able to see it in the Firefox repository.

EADTrust finalizar instalación

If you want to password protect the certificate in Firefox, you have to set up a master password for the browser. Click here to learn more.

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